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Lorsch – the only town in south Hessen to have a UNESCO World Heritage Site within its walls. Lorsch is the gateway to “Germany’s spring garden” the Bergstrasse mountain route. It is a Carolingian town situated in Nibelungenland, on the banks of the small river Weschnitz.

Today, Lorsch is a modern community with a bustling town centre, full of half-timbered houses. Between the world-famous Königshalle (King‘s Hall) and the Baroque town hall, visitors will find the level of service and facilities associated with a successful medium-sized town, as well as the warm intimacy of a charming village.

The Königshalle (King‘s Hall) is adjacent to the museum centre. In addition to providing detailed information on the abbey’s history, the centre also houses one of Europe‘s largest tobacco museums. For more than three centuries, the cultivation of this giant, six-foot-tall plant played a key role in the life of Lorsch. The world’s largest fully functional pipe and an enormous collection of cigar bands have earned the museum a dual listing in the Guinness Book of Records. The historic tobacco curing shed, which is located nearby, has housed a museum of tobacco cultivation since 2017.

The exhibits in the Fire Brigade Museum tell about the history of fire-fighting and technical progress that has been made to deal with catastrophes. And since 2001, Lorsch has also been home to the Kurpfalz Library – a scientific institution of national interest.

Lorsch is also home to the UNESCO Geo-Naturepark Bergstraße- Odenwald as well as the district Volkshochschule community college. Town festivals, club activities and cultural projects also form part of the rich tapestry of cultural life here, as does an institution that pulls people in from far and wide: the Sapperlot Theatre.

Located at the intersect of two metropolitan regions, Lorsch is situated between two motorways, close to a major railway line and a short distance from Frankfurt Airport. The town has also gained a reputation as a bicycle friendly city, with national cycle routes crossing in this region where the German states of Hessen, Baden-Württemberg and Rhineland-Palatinate meet.

Extensive and well-maintained sports and public recreational facilities such as the Waldschwimmbad swimming pool make Lorsch a perfect destination for visitors wanting a relaxing break away from it all.

A warm welcome to all our visitors!

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